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Thursday, February 19, 2009

PS: I hate lazy people too

As I mentioned in the post below, stupid people suck. Lazy people are right up there too. I hate lazy people but not as much as stupid people. God forbid if you are stupid and lazy!! Holy crap, lazy, stupid people tend to fall under the radar and they seem to live forever because though they are stupid enough to win a Darwin Award, they are too lazy to actually do something that could potentially take them out of the gene pool.

Occasionally, I am lazy and don't do shit, like when I am sick, or that one time when I broke my toe and didn't want to hobble down the street because my armpits hurt, so I opted not to eat that night. Or that time I couldn't run for 6 weeks because my damn lazy knee told me to fuck off, it was restin' time.

And I have alluded below that I have also been stupid. Barring all of 2009 (so far), I could have counted those opaque moments on my right hand. Like marrying a retard. That was just plain stupid. I should have just politely handed him a cup and asked for a clean sample instead of going through the motions of marriage and divorce. Also that perm in the 8th grade was an unfortunate decision (and an agonizingly long and drawn out decision, as hair does not grow-out overnight and I didn't want to make another poor decision to try and fix my original mistake by shaving my head because I don't believe the world will ever be ready to view a gigantic, rectangular-shaped noggin in it's full glory)and a few other doozies that I wont mention on this post but have mentioned on previous posts.

But dumb AND lazy is a whole new race of people that was bred as a direct result of innovation and technology. I'd explain, but I'm too lazy to finish my thought.

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