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Sunday, May 24, 2009

There's a black fly in my Chardonnay...

May feels like the start of the new year. I have been so busy this month, this is actually the first time I have had time to sit down and reflect on the huge difference a span of 30 days can make. 30 days ago, I had to drink a lot of alcohol to muster up enough courage to tell my boyfriend that we were not going to make it.

Fast forward 30 days later and I have raked, weeded and tilled my backyard with the help of some really amazing folks. We now have a thriving vegetable and herb garden plus a nice steamy compost pile. Other people have caught my garden bug and want to pitch in too. I believe we are going to create a bonafide Co-op. The name of this Co-op is called the Garden of Eating.

This month, Cole has taken it upon himself to become the "man" of the house. He makes sure I eat, he gets me water, he has even put ice in a plastic baggie for my knee, none of which I have had to ask him to do, he just does it on his own when he thinks I need something. He picks up his toys and cleans his room, he helps me around the house and the garden. He even reminds me to take my vitamins. The garage is almost organized, I have a few more sections I want to tackle but I can almost fit my car in if I want. The house is clean, rearranged and more functional, there are still a few rooms that we need to tackle but that will happen with time. I have been going out more, hanging with my friends, rekindling old friendships and making new friends. I have even gone out on a few dates! I have not watched tv or movies, I have been jogging more, eating healthier and hardly drinking. I ran a 5K and came first in my division, plus I ran 10K at the Rose Bowl and ran up a mountain for 1.5 miles without stopping. I've diversified my jogging routes to include mountain trails and beaches, I am clear-headed, focused and firing on all cylinders. I feel balanced and healthy.

The irony is that in order to have been able to accomplish all of this in 30 days, all I had to do was guzzle a bottle of wine.

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...not to mention funnier than ever before. ;)