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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gansta Love

Last night I decided to go jogging because I had not gone in about a week, I needed to clear my head and I needed to get back on track, literally.

Arcadia High, my home track was crazy. There were all sorts of Emergency vehicles in front and the place was packed. I think there was a high school game going on because all of the lights were on and no one was jogging around the track. So I go to the back-up track, the dirty, smaller, darker and gansta infested track, Arroyo High.

Well sonumbitch, wouldn't ya know, the place is on lock down too! Where's a gal to go when she wants to get her run on, on a Friday night? All of the gates were closed and the lights were out. I drove around the lot and scanned the track. There were people still running on the track! They will need to get out at some point and you know, if there is a way out, then there is a way in.

I saw gansta gansta in the lot and he was hanging on the fence. It was quite obvious he wasn't at the track to run it. He was quite portly and was wearing the wrong shoes. However, I mustered up my courage, got out of my car, walked over and said, "hey, how do you get into this place." Mr. Nice Portly Gansta Gansta says to me, "Yeah, this place is on lock down but go around the track to the other side and you will see an opening."

Yee-Haw! Thanks Gansta friend!

I hopped in my car, drove around and found the secret exit/entrance by following the people who were leaving.

I jogged 2 of the hardest and best miles I ever jogged in my life. And the best part is my gansta friend and his posse kept me company. As I jogged around the track, they sat on the benches smoking out and being cool. I felt safe knowing they were there.

Moral of the story: first impressions are not always accurate.

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