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Sunday, September 7, 2008

ISO- Running Partner

Yesterday, a friend from the past calls up and wants to know how the hell I am doing. I gave him an earful of news and he suggested that I go jogging with him to clear my head. He knows this 3.2 path in San Marino that will kick my ass and I was up for it. It was surface but that was cool by me. If I plan on running the 5K, I gotta start jogging surface streets.

It was a great run, the best part is I could have gone longer. Was it just a few months ago that I was celebrating my 2 mile mark? I wanted to run until my legs wore out and I fell over from good old fashion physical exertion. The hills were hard and steep but mentally, I knew I could take it, shit, I've taken a worse beating mentally over the past month, these hills felt like anthills.

I think my friend was a bit disappointed that it wasn't as hard for me as he had advertised and I was a bit disappointed that I had not found my running partner. I am looking for a partner to run cross country with me, not stop every mile.

We still had a great time and there is nothing better than chips, salsa and cold beer for a job well done. It was a good way to get re-acquainted with an old friend, but alas, no jogging connection was made.

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