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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I realized this morning as I go through my routine, I find new things that I am in search of. For example, I am in search of someone to wake up with in the morning. I don't mean I want another boyfriend, I just want to wake up with someone next to me, no hanky panky, just a warm body to help me jump start the day.

So if you are willing or know of anyone out there willing to come over to my house around 7:00am (after you have brushed your teeth), get naked, hop into bed with me (and this will be tricky because your side is against the wall and you have to get over there by crawling over my body without waking me up) and pretend to be asleep while I hit my snooze button a few times, curl up against your back and allow me reach around and grab your doink, because that is how I like to wake up. All you have to do is just lay there as I slowly come to and stumble into the bathroom for my morning pee. You can pretty much leave after that.


City Elf said...

don't tempt me, woman. it's been a long time since anyone fondled my donk in the morning or otherwise.

jjomomma said...

Dear Elf,
I would fondle your doink in and/or out of a relationship.

Anonymous said...

I'm telling ya, you gotta get a boyfriend pillow! My sister took hers out for drinks with her girlfrirends.

jjomomma said...

Did her boyfriend pillow drive her home after the drinks?